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Kemdy Inc. is a mortgage auditing company that prides itself as one of the leading mortgage auditing consulting firms in the country. Our purpose is to consistently deliver a full range of unquestioned, innovative, and professional mortgage auditing services, which meet the needs of our clients. We will gain their trust and enhance their company growth by giving them the ability to effectively deliver a service that increases efficiency and productivity in their day to day environment. Our ultimate goal is to create within the respective firms a unique product that is customized so individuals can attain an optimum level of competence, growth and personal satisfaction.

Welcome to Kemdy Mortgage Auditing Service

Kemdy Mortgage Auditing Service provides an independent, objective assessment of the quality of mortgage loans and mortgage portfolios.

The audit analyzes scores of loan characteristics covering borrower credit scores, collateral backing the loans, quality of the originating lenders, the relative risks of different mortgage products, expected rate resets, and the borrower’s income and expenses. The risk management tool also identifies missing loan documents and measures borrowers’ ability to meet their financial obligations.

The audit rates loans on the number of quality issues uncovered and presents the quality of mortgages and mortgage pools in an easily understood graphic format.

The Future in Mortgage Auditing will be coming soon.

Kemdy Inc. is a provider of mortgage due diligence services based in Mount Vernon, NY.
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