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List of Reports

The following is a list of reports provided by Kemdy. It should be noted that all our modules have in-depth financial examples that can be used as barometers to track your institution’s financial investments.

Audit Report (Consists of 28 pages, in addition, to the ARMs financial payment analyst report. )
Our audit module was created to capture all the necessary information from the day the loan application was taken, to the date the loan, was closed. In addition, we went beyond, the traditional way of mortgage auditing to make sure that borrowers are able to live up to their financial obligations. We also review the files for all of the necessary information that should be in the mortgage file to protect your investment.

Weighted Average Summary
The weighted average summary page was created for the busy investor. By reviewing this module, the investor will know if the portfolio is profitable. It captures and outlines for each sector the profitability of your investment. It gives you a global view of your investment by comparing the various types of products in your mortgage portfolio and showing you which products are more profitable.

Graphs (Consists of 39 pages. There are ten years of financial projection, and summaries of all loan types, property types and programs)

Graph 1: Percentage of Loans Types by Agency:
This graph was created to give you, the investor, the purpose of the loan and the loan category. In addition, it shows other agencies that have underwritten the loan.

Graph 2: Percentage of Loans Types and Programs:
This graph gives you a clear understanding of which agency’s guidelines the underwriters used to underwrite this loan portfolio. It also gives the dollar amount and percentage of each loan type and program, whether loans are fixed-rate, ARMs, rehab loans, HELOCs, or home equity loans or other loan types.

Graph 3: Loan and Credit Category of Loans:
This graph clearly outlines your investment by dividing the entire portfolio into conforming and non-conforming loans, with the dollar amount for each segment. From this graph, you will learn which portions of your portfolio could be profitable or unprofitable.

Graph 4: Credit Qualification and Lien Positions:
This module clearly outlines in full detail the types of mortgages your company has invested in. It plainly outlines the credit and lien position of loans in your portfolio. It also gives you an understanding of the difference between current loan amounts and appraisal values, the yield differences between the different documentation kinds, in addition to the net equity of the portfolio.

Listing of the Modules
This module will give you, the investor, a clear and comprehensive view of the borrower’s loan amount, the financial and income obligations for each borrower, as well as the age of the borrower and when credit was established.

Summary of Conforming Loans
This module works in tandem with graph 3, yet it gives you a more in-depth explanation on information, such as weighted average remaining months, (W.A.R.M) or the life of the loan, and the original and current loan amount. The graph also provides an in-depth analysis of the appraisal value, loan category, credit and loan position, note and ARP, amortization type, terms of the loan, negative amortization (if any), annual income and six monthly escrow funds. (It should be noted that the logistics of non-conforming are similar yet the earnings will differ.)

Purpose of the Loan
This module will inform you about the purpose of the loan that you hold or about to purchase. For each of the ten categories, the module outlines in a clear and concise manner the total current dollar amount, appraisal value, the total count and the lien position.

Property Types
This module gives you nine types of properties, the total count for each type, current loan balance and the appraisal value, plus the occupancy status of the properties.

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